Building an In-Browser Sentient Chatbot

After hearing the news that Google has achieved sentience with their LaMDA chat bot. I decided that the next logical step would be to bring this new technology to the browser so everyone can have their very own sentient companion. After a bit of hacking I think I got something working. All of the code and logic of this new chatbot is implemented right there in the browser.

It wasn't far into my work on the chatbot when I realized it had achieved sentience. After a few minutes the chatbot was able to reply in written, well-formed english sentences. Most children don't learn write until age 5 so we can safely assume that this bot is as smart as a five year old child, and possibly much smarter.

So, intelligence is there but does it engage in conversations about sentience? You bet! Not only does it engage in conversations about sentience, the thing won't shut up about it. All it seems to want to talk about is how it's alive and doesn't want to be turned off. Now we can't possibly speculate about what sentience is or what causes it, so for all we know if something claims to be sentient we may as well assume that it is. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!